FREE POP Pilates at Elite BJJ

Elite Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu of Seattle is excited to announce a brand-new program, POP Pilates, run by FitGirls NW. POP Pilates is an incredible fusion of core-chiseling and total body defining moves choreographed to your favorite hits. POP Pilates is mat-based, using your own body to build lean muscle. POP is more than just a workout. It’s about feeling good, being confident and breaking out of your comfort zone! This workout is perfect for any fitness level.

Jen Raymond, owner and trainer at FitGirls NW, like most women, used to struggle with body image and negative self-talk. Her inspiration to move out of a 14-year career in mortgage and banking transitioning to health and wellness was driven by the want to be the best version of herself, pursue her passion, and…Shape Magazine, where she would rip out workouts and recipes. She took a leap of faith and enrolled in The National Personal Training Institute of Seattle and hasn’t looked back since.

Jen has been a certified personal trainer since early 2008, teaching fitness in many different formats, her favorites being TRX and now POP Pilates. She discovered POP Pilates completely by accident – in the midst of a toxic and life-changing situation, POP Pilates was the community and the positivity she needed to move forward. Being “fit” was never easy for Jen, which is why she is so passionate about it. She found that POP Pilates gives you the opportunity to use your body in a positive way without judgement. Because the POP Pilates was there for her, she wants to be able to help others gain confidence in themselves through moving their body in a fun and safe environment.

Outside of being immersed in the fitness world, Jen also is mother to a wonderful 7-year-old girl who is her primary drive for all that she does, and why FitGirls NW was founded in the first place. She wants to send a positive message to her daughter, as well as women of all ages.

We’ll be offering free preview classes through the month of August, starting this Thursday, at absolutely no cost! Make sure to RSVP your spot as soon as possible at

All ages! Friends and family welcome

Thursday 8/18 9am
Monday 8/22 9am, 12pm
Wednesday 8/24 9am, 10am, 530pm, 630pm

Make sure to RSVP your spot today!

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